SHINGIIIIII  シンギー )   

Painter/Artist   東京生まれ  音羽画廊所属






幼少期から絵画展やデザイン展など数々の賞を受賞。明治生命主催のコンクールにて最優秀賞を受賞。20歳の時に始めた水墨画で新人画家の登竜門でもある水墨画全国展『現代・墨への挑戦2000』で奨励賞を受賞し、この作品を日本画家の巨匠平山郁夫氏に賞賛される。現在はハワイ、沖縄、東京で制作活動をしており、アクリルアートで数々の作品を発表し2023年10月に音羽画廊にて初の画廊個展『色彩の音律ワールド』を成功させた。2023年11月にはドバイで開催された『ジャパン カルチャーコン』に作品を出展し、2024年3月にはハワイで開催されHeather Brown、Nick Kucharなどが出展する『HONOLULU ART MARKET 2024』への出展が決定している。








水墨画:「怒火」墨への挑戦2000 奨励賞受賞 「田舎」上野の森美術展 入選

デザイン:「すかいらーくデザインコンテスト」 佳作、「警視庁 全国交通安全ポスター展」金賞






13月のクリスマス/島谷ひとみ』JPOPウィークリー5位』『Cosmic rord / Terra』オリコンランキング最高位17位、『I will / Swip』オリコンランキング最高位29位、『GO!GO! / MEATMANS』アメブロJPOPランキング1位獲得。ファミリーマートCMソング『ファミマのおにぎり おにぎり編』、au沖縄セルラーCMソングなど多数。 









Born: June 25, 1973, in Tokyo, Japan.


SHINGIIIIII was born and raised in Tokyo. In , they established the design company "Whynot Co., Ltd." and have since worked on numerous CD jackets, corporate logos, and posters for renowned artists. In 2020, inspired by the landscapes of Hawaii, they transitioned from being a designer to a painter and began their artistic endeavors in Hawaii. Currently, they are active in Japan, Hawaii, and Okinawa. From a young age, SHINGIIIIII has received numerous awards in art exhibitions and design shows, showcasing their talent as an art creator. At the age of eight, they participated in a contest organized by Meiji Life and received the Grand Prize, giving a glimpse of their current career as an art creator.

At the age of 20, SHINGIIIIII started practicing sumi-e (ink wash painting) and received the Encouragement Award at the national exhibition "Challenge to Ink," chaired by the Japanese painter Ikuo Hirayama. Their awarded work, "Burning Fury," was displayed at the Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art.

Recently, SHINGIIIIII has been showcasing various works, including pop art and acrylic art, created in Hawaii on social media. They have also gained significant recognition for their involvement in anime production since 2020. They actively contribute to various anime projects, working as a planner, story planner, and illustrator.


□ Notable Works


■ Art

Manga & Illustration:

  • Adventure Science Anime "ToM & CREE"
  • "Beloved Divination Lady Himiko!"
  • "Cabbage©️ Boy"


Sumi-e (Ink Wash Painting):

  • "Burning Fury" - Encouragement Award at the Contemporary Challenge to Ink 00
  • "Countryside" - Selected for the Ueno Forest Art Exhibition on Japanese Nature
  • "Barley Malt" - Selected for the Nika Exhibition



  • Bayalees Corporate Poster
  • Miss Universe Japan Poster
  • SANYO GOGO Marine Poster
  • Design of the Tonomori Seal for Horai Temple
  • Sanko Industries' "Invincible Mask"
  • ICheck Corporate Poster
  • HOMIES (Welfare Facility) Logo
  • Various CD jackets for Hitomi Shimatani
  • HITOMINMI Jacket Design
  • Skylark Design Contest - Excellence Award
  • National Traffic Safety Poster Exhibition by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police - Gold Award
  • And many more



  • Meiji Life National Exhibition - Grand Prize
  • Dental Satellite Week Contest - Gold Award

□ Expertise in the following genres


Anime, Illustration, Sumi-e (Ink Wash Painting), Acrylic Art, Sculpture